About Us  

Since Coca company was established in 1991 and fixed e-tan brand to effect sales in the world. Coca is an enclosures and the other correlate control devices manufacturer. Coca offers a lot of various enclosures, thermostats, and heaters, integrated flashing light and miniature circuit breakers in industry. We have also kept up the following four principles.

Chasing Finest Quality
Creating Innovative Products

Research and Development
Professional Technology
Constant Improvement

Quality Policy
Excellent Quality

Satisfied Customers
Permanent Management

Content Customers' Claim
March Toward International
1991Established the Coca Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1993Sale FRP enclosures
1995Sale Relay Modules
1996Sale Transfer Modules, Fixed DEMEX® Brand
1998Sale Plastic Enslosures
2000Sale Fuse Modules, Small Thermostat, Small Semiconductor Heater
2001Sales SSR Modules
2002Sale I/O Modules
2003Sale CTM Modules, LED Bulbs BA9S
2004Sale Tower Light LED Bulbs E15
2005Fixed e-tan® Brand
2006Sale Integrated flashing light and got patent in Taiwan
2007Got patent in China for Integrated flashing light
2017We got enclosure ES series protection class IP68 TÜV Rheinland Certificate.
2018   We got enclosure EN.ET.TB series protection class IP68 TÜV Rheinland Certificate.
2019   Production MAXPRO SYSTEMS
2019   Implement ISO9001-2015