Small Semiconductor Heater

Model NO.:SSH 55

The heaters are used in enclosures where condensation is to be prevented or the temperature may not fall below a minimum value. In this way, corrosion is avoided and an even temperature is ensured.

Technical data SSH 55
Operating voltage: AC/DC 110-250V Max.265V
Heating capacity: 10W,20W,30W,55W
Heating element: PTC resistor, self regulating
Radiator: Anodised extruded aluminum profile
Protection class: II
Protection type: IP54
Connection cable: 2×0.75mm²×300mm silicone cable
Mounting: Clamp for 35mm DIN rail, EN 50022
Art. NoHeating
at make
SSH55.10 10W 1.0A 50mm 0.1kg
SSH55.20 20W 2.5A 60mm 0.2kg
SSH55.30 30W 3.0A 70mm 0.2kg
SSH55.55 55W 2.8A 50X70X80mm 0.26kg

*at room temperature 20℃


Determination of heating capacity for switch cabinets


P= Required heating capacity(W)

A= Complete free-standing or heat losing surface of switch cabinet (m²)

△T = Temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the average desired internal temperature of the switch cabinet(k)

k= Heat transmission coefficient Lacquered steel sheet~5.5W/m²k Polyester ~ 3.5W/m²k


When used outside: double the calculated heating capacity

■    Many various heating capacities, from 10W to 55W

■    Heating element: PTC

■    High efficiency

■    Power save and safe

■    Used pressure clamp terminal blocks in order to get wiring save time

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