Miniature Circuit Breakers Safemat

Model NO.:ST20 Series
Technical data
rated voltage Ue 240 / 415V
rated current In 4 - 63A
rated frequency fn 50 / 60HZ
rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4000VAC
breaking capacity Icn 10KA
short-circuit capacity Ics 7.5KA
breaking characteristics B,C Type
isolating class class 3
ambient temperature -5℃~ +40℃
IP-class IP20
cross-section of connecting lead input 1-25mm
output 1-16mm
electric standards IEC/EN 60898
product certifications  
ST20 C type
rated current In1pole2poles3poles  
2A ST20-C2 ST20-2-C2 ST20-3-C2
4A ST20-C4 ST20-2-C4 ST20-3-C4
6A ST20-C6 ST20-2-C6 ST20-3-C6
10A ST20-C10 ST20-2-C10 ST20-3-C10
16A ST20-C16 ST20-2-C16 ST20-3-C16
20A ST20-C20 ST20-2-C20 ST20-3-C20
25A ST20-C25 ST20-2-C25 ST20-3-C25
32A ST20-C32 ST20-2-C32 ST20-3-C32
40A ST20-C40 ST20-2-C40 ST20-3-C40
50A ST20-C50 ST20-2-C50 ST20-3-C50
63A ST20-C63 ST20-2-C63 ST20-3-C63

■    AC circuit Breaker

■    Breaking capacity: 10KA

■    Operated Voltage up to AC 415V

■    Up to three poles

■    Miniature Circuit breaker are used for

-overload protection

-short circuit protection

■ Applications

-Lighting Control

-AC power control

-UPS device

-Power generation device

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