IP68 Plastic Enclosures

Plastic Enclosures

■ Ingress protection : IP68

■ There are several types of enclosures available, which are hinged, screw cover and Maxpro series.

■ Various Terminal Block Boxes : series 4P, 6P, 10P, 15P and 20P.

■ Production of polyurethane foam gasket is based on FIPFG sealing technology (formed-in-place foam gasket)

Products Name
terminal block types, terminal block box
Terminal Block Box IP68
IP68 Plastic Enclosures
EN Series IP68 (Hinged Enclosures)
IP68 Plastic Enclosures
ES Series IP68 (Screw Cover Boxes)
Knockout Electrical Enclosures
ES Series with Knockouts
IP68 Plastic Enclosures
ET Series IP68 (Screw Cover Enclosures)
IP66 Enclosure
AS Series IP66
IP68 Plastic Enclosures
MAXPRO Series IP68
Internal Door Device
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