Mechanical Humidistat

Model NO.:MHR 1220

The electromechanical thermostat MHR 1220 is designed to control enclosure heaters so that the dew point is raised when a critical relative humidity of 65% is exceeded. In this way condensation and corrosion is effectively prevented.

Technical data: MHR 1220
Measuring range: 35-95% relative humidity
Measurement accuracy: ±3.0% relative humidity
Switching difference at 50% RH 4% RH
Peak voltage: 250V AC
Switching capacity, maximum load
Resistive load:
5A 250V(service life 50,000 cycles)
Inductive load cos = 0.8 : 0.2A 250V AC
Inductive load L/R=3ms : 1A-50V DC,0.5A-75V DC
Switching capacity, minimum load : 100mA,20V DC/AC
Contact type: Change-over contact
Radio interference suppression level: N(in compliance with VDE 0875)
Permissible ambient temperature: 0-60℃
Mean temperature coefficient: -20% relative humidity/k at 20℃
and 50% relative humidity
Permissible air velocity: 15m/sec
Half value period
Where V= 2m/sec
Mounting position: No constraints
Connection: Terminals in casing, 3 x 2.5mm²,3極 3 X 2.5mm²
Casing: Plastic UL94 V-0
Mounting: Clip for 35mm DIN rail(EN 50022)
Protection type: IP20 (DIN40050)
Dimensions: H × W × D 67×50×38mm
Weight: 60g

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