Mechanical Thermostat

Model NO.:SHF 11

The mechanical thermostat is used for controlling heating and cooling equipment filter fans or signal lamps. The thermostat registers the surrounding air and can switch both inductive and resistive loads via snap-action contact.

Technical data: SHF 11
Sensor element: Thermostatic bimetal
Adjustment range: 0-60℃
Switch temperature difference approx. 4K
(*with thermal feedback approx. 0.5K)
Contact type: Change-over snap-action contact
Breaking/making capacity: Break contact 10A(4)250V AC
Make contact 5A(2) 250V AC
Radio interference N(VDE 0875)
Clip for 35mm DIN rail(EN50022)
Dimensions: 67 × 50 ×38mm(H × W × D)
Casing: Plastic, UL94 V0
Weight: 65g
Protection class: IP20

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