Most people associate home climate control with tinkering and temperature settings to achieve the ideal room climate. Climate control devices have come a long way to advance smart technology!
Temperature control thermostat
Thermostat controller
Enclosure cooling cabinet fan

What Type of Climate Control System?

The E-tan catalogue includes a variety of air conditioning units for electrical installations, such as thermostats for air cooling, heating products to protect electronic components, and filtered fans/exhaust filters and ventilation.

1. Thermostat and Humidistat

The environment inside an electrical panel must be such that the device within it remains reliable. Appropriate thermal analysis and thermal management of a panel are among the most important actions for ensuring long-term performance, reliability, and compliance with applicable regulations. Types of Thermostats and Humidistat:

  • Small Compact Thermostats
  • Twin Thermostats
  • Mechanical Humidity
  • Mechanical Thermostat

2. Heating Products

Electrical elements are protected from low temperatures, condensation, and corrosion. Enclosure heaters keep critical electronic components running smoothly, allowing expensive electronic equipment to support company-wide systems and information communications. Enclosure heaters are simple to install and aid in maintaining a consistent enclosure temperature. Types of heating products:

  • Small Semiconductor Heater
  • Compact Semiconductor Heater
  • Semiconductor enclosure Heater
  • Simple Fan Heater

3. Filtered Fans / Exhaust Filters / Ventilation

Filtered fan series and exhaust filters are a side-mounted cooling solution that uses filtered airflow to maintain optimal ventilation inside electrical cabinets. The main advantages are a screw-less connection, a fast tool-free mounting system with a clip, and ease of maintenance. Comes in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor configurations:

  • AC Fans (120mm X 120mm)
  • AC Fans (172mm X 150mm)
  • Air cooling with Filter
  • Ventilation

Thermal Solutions for You

Electrical panel thermal management standard options and custom projects are available with E-tan. Explore this section to learn about our climate control and ventilation solutions and our electro-technical and control mechanisms. Contact us now for more details.