Electronic Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures

E-tan is committed to manufacturing the highest quality automation system, enclosures, thermostats, heaters, integrated flashing lights, miniature circuit breakers, I/O control modules, and related control devices. E-tan specializes in researching, developing, and producing the best electrical products to meet your diverse requirements. Our prime quality products can be used in offices, apartments, campuses, factories, warehouses, hospitals, and hotels.


E-tan manufactures high-quality enclosures in various materials, styles, and sizes. Our waterproof and dustproof enclosures for ES, EN, ET, and TB series are the best in the field. Furthermore, all our enclosures comply with class IP68 and have been certified by TUV Rheinland Certificates of the enclosure, certifying compliance with various recognized safety and qualification standards. We offer specific drilling services suitable for the fitting of enclosures.

Climate Control

Every facility and residence requires efficient, effective, and reliable climate control that helps create optimal conditions for electronic and electrical components. We manufacture automatic temperature regulators such as thermostats for applications such as heaters, fans, and other appliances. We manufacture humidistats too. Optimal humidity levels in an enclosed area are ensured only when necessary. Both thermostats and humidistat controls can be optimized for use in various settings.

Plugs and Sockets

We manufacture industrial plugs and sockets which conform with the IEC 60309-1, and IEC 60309-2 series of international standards for plugs, socket outlets, and couplers for industrial purposes and dedicated enclosures from 16A to 125A. The majority of plugs and sockets are available for standard AC110 to 500V.

LED Integrated Flashing Light

We manufacture and offer a large portfolio of efficient and reliable LED products for non-hazardous industrial applications such as signal lights, beacon warnings, and integrated flashing lights. Click to explore our industrial LED light fixtures designed to perform reliably and effectively in diverse operating conditions while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

General Accessories

We manufacture a wide range of accessories, including integrated flashing lights, miniature circuit breakers; compact LED light kits, illuminated pushbutton switches and buzzers, and related accessories.

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Temperature Thermostat & Humidistat Controller
Industrial plug and socket
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General Accessories of Electric Enclosures