An integrated LED flashing light is an outstanding product when looking for a piece that serves your space and distinguishes it.
RWL LED Signal Light

What exactly is an integrated LED flashing light?

A flashing light with integrated LEDs incorporates LEDs directly into the lighting system. It adopts LED light-emitting, with the characteristics of long life and energy saving, with wide input voltage which is AC type: 85~265V and DC type: 12~48V. A standard Integrated LED flashing light can be used with reduced or line voltage electrical systems. The function of blinking or not can be set by yourself. It is highly adaptable, allowing it to be a built-in buzzer to alert operators of machine abnormalities. The color can be changed by easily replacing the LED light-emitting board. It is waterproof and dust-proof with IP65. Flashing LED lights by E-tan accessories are:

  • Designed for installation on any type of system
  • Designed for residential and industrial use
  • Intended for use in the automation of any gate
  • Switchable with either a fixed or intermittent light source
  • Multi-voltage (12V to 230V)


  • LED is used as a light source, which eliminates the issue of burned-out bulbs
  • Longer life, less power consumption
  • Broad power ranges, AC type: 85-265V, DC type: 12-48V
  • Use the switch to select between flashing and continuous lighting
  • Changing the color of the lighting is simple by replacing the LED lighting board
  • IP65 ingress protection


  1. High Light and Super Light
  2. With a buzzer and without a buzzer

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